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NEWS LETTER January 25th, 2017


The first five months we organized with the Dutch TV broadcast VPRO a series of events about key changes in the world. The first two where hold in our office, then we found het Nutshuis in The Hague center for three more. Organizing of the events became teamwork and gave a lot of joy and experience.

Jan. 28 - A few degrees less - documentary
Feb. 25 - Chinese World Order - documentary
Mrt. 17 - Breakthrough of Sustainaility - documentary
Apr. 07 - Progress of Happiness - documentary
Mei. 12 - Smart Cities - documentary

WSF made a lot of new contact, speakers as well visitors. In total 17o people participated. And there is a load of inspiering documentation gathered. In the second halve of 2016 we will recontact the speakers to implement their support in our country activites.



WSF - Jan. 11th, 2016.

Eduard Satorius and Lettta Wagenborg will support WSF with ECOintention for energetic grounding and balancing. Yesterday Daniëlle Simons - VP, Kim van Osch - WSF Den Haag, and Emile van Essen - FC, visited an ECOintention introduction given by Hans Andeweg:

The support will take eigth month. WSF delivered this input:
- WSF Aims 2016
- WSF Intro, kort
- WSF Intro, met netwerk
- WSF Flyer Volunteer Network Event
- WSF Letter to UN SG Ban Ki-Moon

Earlier the All Win Network and WFBN got ECOintention. The Commons Cluster has shown also interest.

Letta, Emile, Kim

Emile, Daniëlle, Letta


WSF - Dec. 24, 2015. Today WSF Became a Member of UN Global Compact


WSF - Dec. 18, 2015.

A breakthrough in solving lifetime value planning: a search for a circular life economy to avoid and stop poverty. The WSF’s founder has been able to draw a desired set of value lines over a life time, imaging the rise and fall of needed reserves for prosperous living during some multiple generations.

Such is the next step in the "160 Wealth" development. In our present economy, we have to monetize our adult and veteran expenditure. This will not change. However, our life start and youth value are out of balance of the general wealth of Earth and Nature. To assume potential labor value, lives should not start empty handed along with our family related "gifts" when growing up. When start value becomes a digital assumption that only has to be returned at the end of an individual’s life time, we can clearly see

click for presentation

that sustainable living is most profitable and we can start life with a wealthy account with enough means for a valuable youth, ending poverty forever. This has become our Christmas Wish for 2015 and the foundation for "Bronning 2016."

Jan. 11th, 2016 - At a 40 hours labor week, taxed time banking can be 70% to balance, 20% to mutual social, and 10% to federal social. Additional 3 hours per day or 20 per for home & family care can also become time banked.


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Of course it can be also seen as a wave of economical life:


WSF - Nov. 23, 2015.

Organization, Finance, China & India, COP21, Human, WSF Brand Identity, WSF Introduction lesson 1.

The year of 2014 has been a busy one for us, having written not too much on our year’s development or let alone a year report of 2014! After nearly a year of organization building and starting with only a hand full of volunteers, we are now experiencing a new stage in our organization growth; the transformation into a professional organization. With 80 volunteers now, such stage is crucial.

On the right you will see that drastic changes have been made to the HRM department. Below you will see our organization map, with blue highlighting our core activities. We hope to reach our next stage, from 80 to 350 staff members consisting of a complete Country Management and staff support. For further efficiency, we have now implemented the Balance Scorecard for Jobs and Performance Indicators. (back)

Finance – We have also received full commitment for the sponsoring of our operations including all general costs such as salaries, HQ offices, 200 country offices and a program development cost. Further more, the total costs for the The Hague Mega Life Event tour, incorporation of a financial institution, the total cost for the purchase, renovation, new planned buildings for an (inter)-national WSF conference, education, and exhibition center. (back)

This week we will sign a LOI (letter of intent) with a global network to better connect with potential local investor partners. This has been signed with 14 sub country offices and programs in China and 12 in India. Both countries have a total of 2.6billion people covering 35% of the entire present world population. (back)

The COP21, the Climate Top in Paris, is currently the next main activity. For those who would like to follow the event and keep updated, access these links: COP21, 10 video's to understand climate change, solutions for COP21: Road to Paris, UNFCCC, Webcast UN Live tv. (back)

HUMAN – A documentary film- What is it that makes us human? Is it that we love, that we fight? That we laugh? Cry? Our curiosity? The quest for discovery? Driven by these questions, filmmaker and artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent three years collecting real-life stories from 2,000 women and men in 60 countries. Working with a dedicated team of translators, journalists and cameramen, Yann captures deeply personal and emotional accounts of topics that unite us all; struggles with poverty, war, homophobia, and the future of our planet mixed with moments of love and happiness - HUMAN. (back)

The WSF aims to become a "Love Mark" in sustainability. The marketing department has started to work out our Brand Identity Prism to get the right perspectives. See the .pdf. (back)

WSF Introduction lesson 1, produced by the HRM department, starts with the UN and the path the WSF’s founder followed until the WSF came into reality and beyond till the SDG's and COP21 Lesson 1. (back)


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July 9th, 2014 - WSF joined and got a sponsor account. This is an all in one wonderfull service because they deliver many payment possibilities for our sponsors:

It supports in five languages, has a clear Q&A link, and nine different payment entrees including iDEAL (direct from bank accounts), PayPal (internet account), and SMS Machtiging (mobile phone account).

All this is simply connected by this out style button:


which we will change in:


And there are adds, like an own page on several sponsor sites:, GeefGratis, GeefSamen via, and; a widget

and own action pages, and, which we will activate soon. All together this enable to start project based sponsor actions.




Henk Voeten (founder) and Johan Witteveen (former IMF President) at the RDM presentation of the SUM Momument.




Fred and Reinier Co-creating the 150 cm high SUM at EMMA



SUM Overview .ppt

SUM Monument Model

Apr. 12th, 2014 - The SUM Foundation was founded at the same day as WSF. SUM stands for Sustainability United Monument. It has an over twenty years history and was presented on all politic and many social levels. The idea is to have overall on the world SUM's build or buyed by locals to create awareness and meeting points for peace and sustainability.

Spring 2012 EMMA Foundation at Utrecht, NL, ordered the first SUM - see the picture left. It was produced in co-creation with The Art of Co-ceation Foundation and later EMMA asked also to produce a paper model building plate for adding it as education tool for yearly over 200.000 students in The Netherlands and much more by UNESCO EFA - Education For All - and the United Nations University. And now we finished A4 building plate:

The English version will follow quick. If you like to know more about this initiative, please study the .ppt on the left.


Danielle Simons Vice President and Secretary WSF

Mar. 8th, 2014 - Every day, when I say goodmorning to this beautiful world, I remember that mankind has the full responsibility to be the safekeeper of our nature that has been providing us until now with everything we need.

As a lawyer I have been practising shipping law, bankruptcy law and corporate law, advising many clients, taking on many cases, embracing many causes to be pleaded in court, until I found that for me there is only one cause to be defended, one mission to be accomplished and that is: to be pleading with the people from both genders and all nations that together we can stop the point of no return that will cause the collapse of our ecosystems, and to do so until we have been able to turn our fate.

As a co-investor in innovative technologies, the past eight years I have worked on waste water treatment and had the privilige to meet brilliant engineers with whom I have developed solutions to retrieve valuable nutrients from waste water effluent.

As a mother I have raised three children, now age 18, 16 and 14 realising that the future is theirs.

I believe that the WSF is the right platform to develop the necessary organisation to carry out this mission.

- Link to Danielle her personel page: Click Core Team at About Us.



Feb. 15th, 2014 - WSF founder accepted two new recognizions:

Member U.N. SD - Steering Committee Rule of law and governance

Erasmus University Expertpanel Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Business Economics
























Feb. 2nd, 2014 - WSF Business Update

Trading - Negotiations in detail about a €1,5 billion trading, and a first Letter of Intent proposal for a €500 million trading. Probably both starting half of February.

Country SIP - WSF Country SIP is looking for a Head Office Manager to coordinate further development.

OWG - UN sustainability develops fast. February 3 to 7 the Eighth session is about:

3 February: Oceans and seas.
4 February: Forests and biodiversity.
5 February: Promoting equality, including social equity, gender equality and women’s empowerment.
6 February: Conflict prevention, post-conflict peace building and the promotion of durable peace.
7 February: Rule of law and governance.

Emile produced the Commons Cluster declaration on Rule of law and governance that will be presented by reading and publication on Feb. 7th. More on the OWG page.

NL - Jodie finished her WSF Branding thesis on Dutch Multinationals and Emile became inspired to write "Why,_What,_and _How_WSF_will_Brand". Starting in the Netherlands right away. Read also at CDM's, below.

Oil - WSF is co-selling a $1,6 billion U.S.A. Oil Company. To be involved in oil WSF is able to offer emission compensation projects 'on the spot'. On Jan. 31 we closed by signing a one million barrels (1 barrel = 119,24 liter) oil monthly delivery contract and became prefered supplier. Due diligence and first delivery are planned in February.

Hotels - Essence SUM is about to finish his first full owned hotel group: 14 mediterranian beach and city hotels. Started as an external investors proposal, the trading programs offer now the proposition the keep the group in our own hands and make them a 'State of Art' sustainability example with the help of WSF: Renewable energy, delivery streams as food and service, health care program (VIPcure), and waste recycling. To keep the present owner and top managers involved and inspired, they will be invited to still own all together 30% of the shares.

CDM's - Although the many opportunities, WSF is not jet again active on this field. The focus will be on Country SIP development. Out of that CDM project will be initiated. In The Netherlands round about 15 multinationals ar allready CDM involved. WSF will ask Unilever (CEO Paul Polman) to become the Dutch SIP Partner. Paul has given an excellent speach on OWG6 (Dec. 10th, click on 04 at i19.html#m2)

Tech's - New technologies on energy, waste, water, and transport are offered to WSF.

Investment - Contacts are well prepared and may requests arriving at our desk, but at this moment it is to much to support this. After the first Trading and Country SIP results SWF will have to select extra human resources to cover this activity.

Emile - I feel, see and experience a new dynamic: WSF has past a period of spiral growth. Old contacts are coming back, new activities are successful. Trading and Oil income will bring WSF end of February in the operational stage.


Jan. 1th, 2014 - WSF Year Report 2013

WSF Year Report Summary 2013
There Is Only One Valley, And It Is Green.

Organization and Network
Bussum office and international Skype meetings.
The Project Management – Projects Cube and Rocket, Intake and process protocols.
Global Partnerships – Club of Rome, Sunrice Solartech, UN OWG.
WSF Bank – After consultation with the top25 banks platform.
Country Sponsor Managers – Within the WSF sponsor program we developed the one million dollar Country Sustainability Development program.

Staff and Education
Core Team Builing, ALLWSF meetings, and Transparent newsletter. We learned that there is only One Way Up: Trough The Valleys. Fitting ’CustomerS’ shifted WSF to the 'billion dollars minds'.

Marketing and Communication
No product marketing but vision, name, and consults marketing by direct email to 75 Heads of States, UN Country Ambassadors, Major Groups, key NGO's. Marketing research to co-operate with the top 40 Dutch origine multinationals.
New website and UN OWG6 report.

Production and Logistics
From blanco start to over twelve projects, all parked for later development. Hotel trading leaded to creation of a 5* hotel group (Sustainable Integral Recreation) and €0,4 billion assets profit potential for WSF.
Searching for a 100 to 500 million euro investor to open the WSF Bank finding in Gold trading a two billion euro nickel owner to support this.

Finance and Assets
U-turn for spiral transformation to CDP funds with $ 87.000 billion of means. WSF Budget plan 2014 Internal € 10-30 million, Projects € 1-8 billion; 2015-2017 Internal € 75-150 million; Projects € 80-240 billion.

Present 2014 offer of instruments show reality on $ 200 millions out of the country development program, € 400 / € 700 million or more out of projects, and € 7 to € 60 billion out of WSF Bank high finance: It is about sustainability that we care: May All Valleys Become Green!

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Year Report 2013




Year Report 2012

Dec. 24, 2013 - WSF meets 2B€ Assets Owner on skype to co-fund WSF operations together with WSF bank relation. Aim is to have Dec. 27 a second meeting to bring parties together, present assets and bank program, needed documents and time tables. WSF aims to have assets paperwork done before Jan. 6, start the program at Jan. 13, and become the first additional operational funds Jan. 20 and second Feb. 17.


Dec. 20 - WSF Christmas and New Year greetings, see full scale

Dec. 9 - United Nations General Assembly Director of Communication Tala Dowlatshahi follows WSF on Twitter:

Tala her tweet albout UN flag lowering for Nelson Mandela:




Follow Tala









UN on Nelson Mandela

Nov. 20 - WSF focuses on Dutch investors to fulfill its Sponsor Investment Program (SIP) to NVP and Investormatch.

NVP - The Dutch Association of Investment Companies is the trade association of the private equity firms in the Netherlands. 95% of the number of private equity investments in the Netherlands and 80% of the invested amount is accounted for by members of the NVP.

Investormatch - Investormatch is the largest network of investors Netherlands and connects investors to entrepreneurs. Their network consists of more than 500 investors, both business angels, investment funds and private equity firms.




WSF TRANSPARANT news letter 2 NL

WSF TRANSPARANT news letter 1 NL

WSF Year Report 2012


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