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WSF was founded on December 9th, 2011. Thirty years after the founder's first sustainable involvement, which was dimension of sound and thermal insulation for 45.000 houses, nearby Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. During that thirty years, the United Nations' actions for global sustainable developments became successful with repairing the Ozone layer. But, the increasing Carbon Dioxide Emissions and other problems still have negative impact on our climate.

In 1998, our founder got involved with the UN's integrative healthcare and education

planning, in 2007 poverty reduction and between 2007 and 2011 the focus shifted to Integral Global Development Planning. Looking for new politic, economic, social, technological, and financial systems. WSF contributed with:
Commons Politics;
Ten new Sustainable Human Rights;
Defining Global Layers of Sustainability;
Support at defining the SDG's - Sustainable Development Goals. Below we offer you three vision buiding .pdf's.

The focus is now on starting Country Development Program. Enjoy and connect.

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