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Emile van Essen - Founder, President, U.N. contacts, Project Finance

My sustainable first actions are in 1981: sizing 45.000 houses their termic and sound insolations near Amsterdam Schiphol airport. The roots for orgainsation of WSF are in Essence SUM, founded in 1988, because I felt there was a need for the guidance of management at boards. I started working on three levels in which I saw that managers had problems: the personal level, family/social level and the business-execution level.

I worked internationally and developed a model to tackle these problems. At a certain point I got involved with the architecture and healthcare sector of the Netherlands. My input for this project landed at the United Nations. The United Nations relations then asked me for the education of healthcare professionals and asked me to get involved with poverty reduction and sustainability issues. From here, the World Sustainability Fund was created.

I discovered that sustainability was the engine for global economic growth and poverty reduction and I saw that the current plans were not enough to meet the current need of the world. The plans that were there would not guarantee sustainability - 2011. I then realized that we have to do what is necessary and the World Sustainability Fund was formed at that point.


CV: ing. J. J. E. van Essen

Email: emile.vanessen at worldsustainabilityfund.org
Skype: sbfemile
Mobile: +31 658 958 108

U.N. SD - Steering Committee Member Rule of law and Governance
U.N. Member Global Compact, Audit Committee GC NL
U.N. ECOSOC registration with Stichting Bronning Fonds
U.N. Environment Program Accredited with World Sustaianbility Fund
Partner NATO CIMIC Common Effort Capacity Building and Humanitarian Aid
NGO Member Peaceoneday.org and sdgcharter.nl 
Treasurer of WFBN - World Federalist Movement Nederland,
Member of WFM-IGP and CICC 
Action Partner for the Global Day to #Act4SDGs



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