WSF "What" - targets focus on five impact levels:

Central theme is to connect sustainable solutions (CDM) to social needs (SDG)

Other then most organizations WSF works from Large Scale to Small Scale.

This has its origin in the natural path of WSF founder: growing first from small design and consultancy (The Netherlands Architecture and Integrated Medicine) to global (I.M., Airports, Poverty Solution, Sustainable Human Rights, SDG 2030 Agenda, Economics, SDG Monitor, Federation) and bringing it back to the markets.


0 Experts & Funds
0 fulfilling means to operate and taking most urgent actions
0 Attracting funds, supporting fund owners at sustainable impact
0 Disaster Risk Reduction, forecast of risk and proactive action
0 International Rescue, disaster emergency services
0 Expertise in Clean Technology & Sustainable Development Goals
0 Consultancy for leadership, reporting, and sustainable impact

0 U.N. & Major Groups
0 Supporting on the highest level structures for 2030 to 2060 goals and targets
0 Creating global Federation, connnecting all layers in peace and balance
0 UNFCCC ranking technologies, projects, expertise, and priorities
0 World Bank Group and Global Environment Facilities intermediation
0 UN Development Program, Environment Program, and many more
0 Supporting Major Groups in their focus on CDM, SDG, and Federalism

0 Country & Region
0 Implementing Country Needs based Climate and SDG Program
0 Overseeing and Managing Global planning for Country Program
0 Country level Management for Projects under the Country Program
0 Managing local Country Offices for Projects and Nat. SEED Center
0 Project Management: Implementation, maintenance, and product sale
0 Triple every year the number of project per country for five years

0 City & Business
0 Supporting Quick Wins, Circular, and Long Term Climate and SDG planning
0 Eco cities research, templates, finance, CDM awareness
0 Smart cities ICT, energy, and transport saving, natural integration
0 Rural Areas: Land, Sea, and Sky Ecology, EcoIntention, GHG-nology
0 UN Global Compact partnerships and corporate SDG support
0 Climate based Business Supply and Recycling Chain improvement

0 Private & Leisure
0 Individual, household, work, and free time Climate and SDG support
0 SDG Cultural integration training and promotion
0 Eco Footprint calculation, awareness, improvement solutions, reporting
0 Education on values, happiness, health, and sustainable living
0 SDG Program for typical lifestyles, wealth, and age groups
0 Initiating and managing R&D Projects for human evolution