COP24 Delegates in Plenary Room

COP24 is stocktaking the Climate Change actions of governments, related to the Paris 2015 Agreement, as well as reporting on the present and projected Climate development.

The statuses are alarming: Governments and all need to triple their effective climate change results.

Here the key actions for improvement.

Mr. Michał Kurtyka, State Secretary in the Ministry of Energy in Poland, to serve as the President of COP 24
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 - SD Steering Committee Rule of law
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Adopted Decisions

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Paris Agreement

IPCC 1.5 ºC Report

Adopted decisions

Latest documents and drafts

Dates and venues of future sessions

3rd High-level Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance - Lord Stern

3rd High-level Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance - presentation - Standing Committee on Finance
General link to documents index

The 7th Durban Forum on capacity-building

Report of the Green Climate Fund to the Conference of the Parties.

Report of the Global Environment Facility to the Conference of the Parties.

National greenhouse gas inventory data for the period 1990–2016.

Annual technical progress report of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building

Annual report of the Executive Board of the clean development mechanism

Annual report of the Joint Implemen-tation Supervisory Committee

Report of the Adaptation Fund Board

Agenda COP24 Katowice 2 - 14 December 2018

Report for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change

Joint annual report of the Technology Executive Committee
Gender and climate change
Matters relating to the Adaptation Fund, draft







































Dec. 15, Saturday - Top 25% of the meetings
9th plenary meeting of the COP Plenary UNFCCC
Joint plenary meeting for closing statements



11th plenary meeting of the COP (upon conclusion of the joint statements plenary) Plenary


Dec. 14, Friday
Koronivia Joint work on Agriculture Press Conference JVE
What the world needs to know about COP24

Press Conference

Third World Network
Green evaluation of the progress at COP24 Press Conference FYEG
Friends of the Earth International - Analysis Press Conference FOTEI
8th plenary meeting of the COP
Comment on the current status of negotiations

Press Conference

European Climate Foundation
European Union Press Conference European Union
CAN International Press Conference CAN International
Mobilizing Climate Action for Health and Health Action for Climate Press Conference


Youthink Center - Youth4Climate and COP24 China Youth Delegation Press Conference


Dec. 13, Thursday
Solidarity Forever: Workers’ Rights, Just Transition & the Youth Climate Movement Press Conference

Canadian Youth Delegation
Momentum for Change. Financing for Climate Friendly Investment Climate Action


The end of climate contrarianism Press Conference GCCA
Climate Action starts at School Climate Action UNFCCC
Insufficient mitigation efforts and the need for increased emphasis on research on solar geoengineering Press Conference

UC Revelle

Concluding statements from Africa CSOs on COP 24 in Poland Press Conference


UN Secretary-General, Mr. António Guterres and President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda

Press Conference

Delayed? -->


High-Level Event: Stepping Up Climate Education Climate Action UNFCCC
Socially and Economically Just Adaptation, Mitigation, and Response Press Conference

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Driving the Energy Transition through Innovation Climate Action UNFCCC
Policy Research and Case Analysis on the Renewable Energy Development of ASEAN Countries Press Conference


European Union Press Conference European Union
A New Milestone for the Divestment Movement - Trends in the Finance Sector for Climate Action Press Conference

Dr. David Beerling - Saving Ourselves with Rocks, Crops & Soil Press Conference Abibiman Foundation
7th COP Plenary Plenary UNFCCC
The Future is Now! Industry artistically involved Climate Action UNFCCC
Citizens Climate Dialogue: outcomes and way forward

Press Conference

Association Actions Vitales
Road to Paris Agreement work programme; tracking of COP24 negotiations Press Conference


6th CMP Plenary (upon conclusion of COP plenary) Plenary


Dec. 12, Wednesday
Resumed Second part of the high-level segment Plenary UNFCCC
The SDG Global Action Hour: Climate Edition Climate Action UNFCCC
High Urgency NDCs to Avoid Cryospheric Destabilization Press Conference ICCI
The EU’s and Poland’s role in making COP24 a success

Press Conference

Polish Ecological Club & CAN Europe
Adaptation knowledge gaps for decision making in Latin America Press Conference


Climate change, migration and international justice Press Conference UNU-EHS
Update on Negotiations Press Conference CAN International
Lessons learned from modelling trade-offs in greenhouse gas emissions, food security and land use for biodiversity in Mexico Press Conference

UC Revelle

Climate action at global level: international organizations commit to climate neutrality Climate Action


Crowdsourcing SDG & Climate Action Stories: The New Generation of Media Creators Climate Action


Climate Resilience for the most Vulnerable Climate Action UNFCCC
INDIA on behalf of BASIC Group Press Confernece RIDHIMA SUD
On Thin Ice: The Last Game at the North Pole Climate Action UNFCCC
How Machine Learning can help phase out Fossil Fuels Climate Action UNFCCC
US$ 200 billion Climate Investments: Launching of the 2018 IDFC Green Finance Mapping Full Report Press Confernece

Development Bank of Latin America
COP 24 will echo with the Sound of Horns Climate Action UNFCCC
Ceremony for the endorsement of the forest declaration in the Warsaw Press Conference


Training the next generation of Climate entrepreneurs Press Confernece Climate Tracker

Dec. 11, Tuesday
COP 23 Presidency: Musical Performance by Rako Pasefika Climate Action


BIOENERGY and its role in meeting 1.5 C target

Press Conference

World Bioenergy Association
Talanoa Dialogue Opening Meeting Plenary UNFCCC
Weather extremes: Climate attribution since the Paris summit Press Conference


Monitoring Possible Scenarios for Adaptation High Level Event Planning Climate Action


The Untold Story of Water in Climate Change Adaptation

Press Conference

Global Water Partnership
High Level Event – Gender Day; Raising ambition and changing lives: technology, climate change and gender Climate Action


Putting the World on Track: Visualizing a Roadmap to a safer climate Climate Action


Sports for Climate Action Climate Action UNFCCC
COP24 at the crossroads: from expectations to disappointments Press Conference


Carbon Capture and Storage: a vital technology for a net-zero emissions future, Report Press Conference

Global CCS Institute
Advancing gender equality through National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes: A straightforward consideration or a complex challenge? Climate Action


Climate Action in the Travel & Tourism Sector Climate Action UNFCCC
Brazilian Environmental Agenda Press Conference IPAM
Fossil fuel subsidies reform, climate change and sustainable energy: launch of the Friends’ Network Press Conference


MPGCA SDG 9: Sustainable innovative infrastructure and industrialization for climate-friendly growth Climate Action


Second part of the high-level segment Plenary UNFCCC
Climate Education is Screwed Up!

Press Conference

Abibiman Foundation
The Role of Matchmaking: Financing Feminist Climate Action Climate Action


#Hack4Climate - Exponential climate action requires exponential innovation Press Conference

Gold Standard Foundation
Presidency stocktaking meeting Plenary UNFCCC
“Rise” by Aka Niviâna Climate Action UNFCCC
Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report Press Conference SLoCAT
Global Climate Action Awards and Reception Climate Action UNFCCC
New Study: Transition to 100% Renewables in Europe Across All Energy Sectors (LUT University & Energy Watch Group) Press Conference

CAN Europe

Dec. 10, Monday
OHCHR & HRC SR on Indigenous Peoples - The UDHR@70 Press Conference


Presidency consultation on cooperative implementation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (Art 6.2, Art 6.4 and Art 6.8) Presidency


UN Global Compact - Private sector climate ambition in action

Press Conference


Pre-2020 Stocktake: High-level meeting Plenary UNFCCC
MPGCA SDG 8: Climate action that promotes a just and sustainable transition for all, slides, Nick Climate Action


Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action Climate Action UNFCCC
3rd High Level Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance, IDFC, VERY STRONG MEETING. Plenary UNFCCC

Dec. 9, Sunday - Closed
, no conferences

Dec. 8, Saturday
MPGCA Energy: Enabling change through energy transition Climate Action


MPGCA Oceans and Coastal Zones: Oceans and Coastal Zones Action Event Climate Action


Human Rights at risk in Rulebook Press Conference CARE International
Report of the Global Observatory on Non-State Climate Action Press Conference

Climate Chance

Building low-carbon and climate resilient landscapes Climate Action MPGCA Land Use
Dan Galpern & Sarah Mead - Suing the Bad Actors Press Conference

Abibiman Foundation
Urban Pixels - Clean Air in the City & Vinci Power Nap - Regeneration for Body and Mind Climate Action


Plenary meeting of the COP Plenary UNFCCC

Dec. 7, Friday

Special Report: Resilience and Real Assets Press Conference USGBC
No Nuclear Road to Paris Press Conference NIRS
Land traffic as a major climate threat Press Conference FERISHAM
Uniting Action for Clean Air and Climate Protection Climate Action UNFCCC
YOUNGO Press Conference YOUNGO
Conducting Talanoa Dialogues at the Local Level Press Conference Cornell University
Green Climate Fund - Intra-ACP GCCA+ support to NDC implementation Press Conference

ACP Secretariat

Dec. 6, Thursday

Transforming REDD+: Lessons and new directions, a new book Press Conference


Talanoa Dialogue - Wrap up preparatory phase Plenary UNFCCC
How can the EU scale up climate action: Climate Action Tracker report Press Conference

Climate Analytics

Decarbonising Transport by 2050 Press Conference European Union
Indigenous self-government as a People as an alternative to climate ambition Press Conference


Essential climate solutions: Ecovillages and community-led development Press Conference

Global Ecovillage Network

Dec. 5, Wednesday

Cities Summit - Polish Government Climate Action UNFCCC
Who is bankrolling new coal power plants? Press Conference Urgewald e.V.
Launch of Global Food Report Press Conference

World Resources Institute
Key Health Messages & Opportunities in the IPCC SR1.5 & UN climate negotiations Press Conference


Climate Litigation 2018: How Courts are Enforcing Emissions Cuts Press Conference

CAN Europe

Catalyzing climate-smart finance (across the whole economy) Press Conference

CCE, Article

Dec. 4, Tuesday

Briefing on the 2019 Climate summit by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Summit Press Conference


'Blue Carbon' or 'Marine Ecosystem Regeneration': Ecosystem Service Conservation versus Technological Intervention Press Conference

UC Revelle

Global Climate Risk Index 2019 Press Conference Germanwatch
Science and policy coming together Press Conference Cornell University

Dec. 3, Monday

Official opening ceremony of COP24 CMP14 CMA1.3 and high-level segment Plenary


António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations and Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland Press Conference

United Nations

Action Hub Opening with Michał Kurtyka, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hindou Ibrahim Climate Action


An Urgent Correction of Our Moral Path - It's now or Never Climate Action


Dec. 2, Sunday
First plenary meetings of the COP and CMP and resumption of CMA Plenary


APA opening plenary Plenary UNFCCC
World Scientists' Warning to Humanity

Press Conference

Abibiman Foundation
UNFCCC (COP President) Press Conference UNFCCC
SBSTA Opening Plenary Plenary UNFCCC
First Plenary Meeting of SBI Plenary UNFCCC