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Country Development Program Manager: Max Punjabi


The WSF Country Sustainable Development Program (CSDP) can be ordered as a standard package in a which a specific area can also be added. In total, the Country Sustainable Development Program costs $1 million, and the starting cost of $30,000 contains seven core values:

1. Office facilities and staffs
2. Connection with U.N., WWF, Major Groups
3. Sponsorship partner integration
4. Setting targets with World Economic Forum and WWF
5. Large Scale Sustainable Project Implementations
6. Monitoring and managing ongoing programs
7. Education programs

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1 - U.N. Steering Committee Rules of Law and Governance;
2 - Director of the Common Instant Responses Network;
3 - Treasurer of World Federalist Movement Netherlands;

Bhutan - Priority Projects:
1.1 Disaster Management Strategy
1.2 Artificial Lowering of Thorthomi Lake
1.3 Weather Forecasting System to Serve Farmers and Agriculture
1.4 Landslide Management & Flood Prevention
     (Pilot Schemes in Critical Areas)
1.5 Flood Protection of Downstream Industrial and Agricultural             Areas
1.6 Rainwater Harvesting
1.7 GLOF Hazard Zoning (Pilot Scheme – Chamkhar Chu Basin)
1.8 Installation of Early Warning System on Pho Chu Basin
1.9 Promote Community-based Forest Fire Management and                 Prevention

Bhutan - Project Proposals:
2. Renewable Energy Wind, Sola and Hydro
3. Energy Distribution
4. Energy Demand
5. Manufacturing Industries
6. Chemical Industries (biomimicry)
7. Transportation
8. Mining
9. Fugitive emissions, also sector 11
10. Waste Handling
11. Afforestation and reforestation
12. Agriculture

WSF Task, Targets & Actions
- Awareness
- Education
- Commitment
- Realization

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