Services Areas:
OLA - Observation, library, analysis, decision routines
OSA - Outer Space Affairs (Planets, Milky Way, Deep Space)
CC - Climate Change (Space, Time, Energy, Matter)
GG - Global Governance & Federalism (Visions & Systems)
UNFCCC - U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change

INDC - Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
CDM - Clean Development Mechanism
SDG - Sustainable Development Goals - States Index & Toolkit
CSR - City, Rural, Corporate & Individual Social Responsibility

ICT4S - Information & Communication Tech. for Sustainability
CFO - Carbon Footprint Offset

Fundamental Services:
Fresh Thinking, Diversity and Engagement
Futures exploring, system innovation
Crisis management and inspiration
Breakthrough for Leaders Theatre
Lean, integrated, torus-circular
Human Capital & Technology
Sustainability Assessments

Strategic sustainability
Impact assessment Green Audit
Change Management
Financial Advisory
Business Model Transformation
Management Consulting
Performance Improvement
Legal & Ethics

Diplomacy, policy & economics
Tax & the regulatory environment
Assurance & reporting
Supply Chain Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Energy & Waste Auditing
Water Footprinting
Product Life Cycle Assessments
Assurance preparation and evaluation

Sustainability Reports
Retailer Supplier Scorecards
Green Communications Audit
Review and benchmark
Rankings, Indices and Performance Metrics
Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Global Reporting frameworks
Global outreach and insights
Mapping and prioritization
Partnership due diligence and brokering
Digital Impact, Emotion, Animation, Infographics


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